About Almondbury Dogs

My name is Sarah Gerrard and I have been working with dogs full time for over 6 years.
I am passionate about all things 'Dog' and describe myself as a dog geek. If I'm not out walking, training or grooming a dog there's a strong chance I'm reading about them or as my husband says "she's on another dog training course"


I have owned lots of different dogs over the years including Border collies, pointers, crossbreeds and an Akita.
After starting camping a few years ago we decided our next dog would be a smaller breed to make our camping trips a bit easier. I came across an unusual breed called the Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) and fell in love. I now have two!

They are small dogs but can keep up with the bigger dogs and love their training.

More about them at the bottom of this page.

All the dogs that are walked, trained or groomed by me are treated as if they are my own, I take time to build relationships with them and their safety and enjoyment is my priority. 

My dog van is my pride and joy and I aim to make the dogs as comfortable during transport as possible. Every dog travels in a separate compartment and each has it's own comfy bedding. I give access to fresh water before and after each walk.

I have spent the last 6 years building on my training qualifications and am currently working towards a Level 5 Diploma in Dog Training with The ISCP (International school of canine psychology). I am a associate member ICAN, Friend to INTOdogs and fully insured with Petplan Sanctuary.


I have done various courses including a puppy training diploma, 2 Day course with the IMDT, Canine body language specialist certificate, Puppy training specialist certificate, BTEC in dog grooming and I am qualified in canine first aid.

I am also a certified Scentwork UK instructor and one of the few certified Dog Parkour UK instructors and evaluators in the area. To find out more about scent work and Dog parkour see my training section on here.

And finally I create digital pet portraits as a hobby - details of these can be found on the separate page under services

I aim to be a open book with clients as I feel it is important that you get to know and trust your dog walker and trainer - feel free to ask me anything.


Sarah x

The Little Lion Dogs

Find out more about our funny little dogs


Roo is 5 years old. She loves training activities, swimming, getting mucky, long walks and food!

She can be worried by dogs she doesn't know but does make friends with slow introductions. 

Her favourite thing to do is Dog Parkour and she is working towards getting her titles.

She goes for regular swimming sessions at House of Hound Hydrotherapy in Scissett.

Roo's happy place is the beach so we try to take her at least a few times a year.

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Neo is 12 months old and still a silly puppy! He is playful, smart and cheeky.

He is doing really well with his training and he will hopefully become my demo dog for training workshops.

Neo has had a go at Dog Parkour, Scent work and is learning lots of tricks.

Neo loves other dogs and will be joining some of the group walks.

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